Don’t Let Procrastination Keep You Down

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If you are a writer who procrastinates, this little list might reinvigorate your creative spirit. If you’re anything like me, you thrive on discipline, order, and routine. But my Achilles heel is freedom, so I had to make a change. The biggest shift for me was learning I have to shower when I roll out of bed because if I allow myself a leisurely morning of coffee, television, and loungewear, I fall face-first into monumental laziness. Putting on makeup and clothes meant for public forces me to hunker down and go to work, even if that means walking down the hall to my office instead of venturing out into the world.

Starting this January, I recommitted myself to my work. It can be especially challenging to work hours on end when I’m my own boss and not making a cent. But I love my work, and I give myself permission to pursue my dream of chasing the oh-so-elusive craft of writing. I realize that when we chase things, they run, but chasing is the only way I know how to catch what I want.

I hope you have a passion to chase and that you are feeding your heart and soul what they need. Live unapologetically. Dream big, and settle only when your spirit breathes peacefully and you know at your core that you are enough. The world needs you just the way you are–as long as you fight the procrastination beast who threatens to keep you small.

Write on, and make this day extraordinary.

Apostrophe Thief

            I posted an excerpt of my memoir last week. It was part of a selection that was chosen for publication in an anthology, so imagine my dismay to find, as I scanned my writing after posting on Facebook, several typos and general writing errors. Those errors were not present when I submitted my story for publication. So what the hell happened? Did I post an older, unrevised version? I don’t think so. Did letters and commas jump around in the middle of the night to fuck with me—do they have a mind of their own like our pets do when we aren’t home? Whatever the reason, it’s a harsh reminder about how time-consuming and imperfect the art of editing can be.

            I’ve corrected the errors, but who knows, I may not have caught them all. We live in an imprecise world, and not only should imprecision be accepted, it should be ignored. Try telling that to the part of me that wanted to erase the damn apostrophe in “Put Wet Umbrella’s Here” on the white board at Massage Envy. I once used my pinky to smudge out a misplaced apostrophe in “its” at a coffee shop. I looked around in shame, hoping nobody saw my obsessiveness, my grammar wisdom in action. But why am I the one feeling bad—I’m trying to correct grammar and put a stop to illiteracy one apostrophe at a time. Should mediocrity go unmatched? Should repairs that improve writing conditions everywhere be stifled? I think not. However, getting every word perfect every time is exhausting and, apparently, not really possible for the likes of me. One question remains: how do others do it? And one statement remains: we hate and admire them simultaneously.

            And I think that’s okay.