(Besides buying their book)

1. Follow them on social media, and like, share, and comment on their posts if they resonate with you. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool there is!

2. Post a picture of yourself (or anyone, or any animal, or any statue) reading their book.

3. Write an honest review of their book, and (if you gave them at least 4-stars) post it to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and GoodReads.

4. Talk about their book and tell everyone why you loved it. 

5. Recommend it to your book club or to community and nonprofit leaders aligned with a cause that's discussed in the book.

6. Write them a text or an email or a letter, telling them what you loved about their book.

7. Attend virtual and in-person signings and events (and bring all your friends).

8. Leave your well-loved copy (or a new one) on the bus, at the airport, in a hotel lobby, your Airbnb, or a Little Free Library.

9. Write an editorial review and submit it for publication...maybe even to the LA Times or New York Times.

10. Give their book to your favorite people as a birthday or Christmas gift or just because gifts are awesome.

11. Request their book at your local library.

12. Subscribe to their newsletter and encourage friends and family to subscribe.

13. Read it again, mark your favorite passages, and let its truth and wisdom brighten your life and the lives of everyone you meet.


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