Art and Fashion

Ahhh…ART! Ahhh…FASHION! The pursuit of these makes my heart go pitter-patter. Let this page be filled with beautiful things.

Visit my Redbubble store for my artwork available for purchase.


The coloring pages I post to my blog are freehand drawings.
Most are inspired by other drawings and then altered or redesigned in some way.

“Purple Sky Deep Sea” 14×18 Acrylic on Canvas

“Chubbingbird” 14×18 Acrylic on Canvas

“Orange Sun” 14×18 Acrylic on Canvas

“Pink Sunset” Acrylic on Canvas

Make-up Tutorial

OMG, you guys. It’s my first video ever, and it’s a make-up tutorial. They say you should do the things that frighten you, so thanks to that, you get to see me being weird. Turn up the volume; I was being a shy, soft talker. I still have a lot to learn about filming and editing, but there’s time for that. Meanwhile, leave comments for me about tips and tricks you’d like me to share. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Art and Fashion

  1. Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone! Not an easy thing to accomplish. I’ve seen some tutorials speed up some parts, that might help with length. Loved that you shared what yoga like about the makeup you used 🙂 BTW you have gorgeous skin😉


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